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Borogroves is a small dance band playing traditional and modern tunes from England, France, and other Western European countries, as well as the odd original composition. Joan Kureczka plays the melodeon (a diatonic button accordian), and Jesse Fisher plays guitar and related stringed things. We are based in San Francisco, California. The name of the band comes from Lewis Carroll's famous non-sensical poem "Jabberwocky" found in "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There." We know that the name is slightly misspelled, so no need to remind us of this, again. We've labored under the assumption that it was correct for so long that we are reluctant to change it. I guess this is what happens when we get old and set in our ways!

After years of first playing the piano and then wire-strung celtic harp, Joan decided that she needed an instrument that was portable (unlike most pianos) and could reasonably be expected to stay in tune through a set of tunes (which most wire-strung harps will not). While attending a music festival in 2012 she was accosted by an instrument vendor, who handed her a melodeon and said "if you can drive a stick-shift car you can learn to play one of these." As the car was not a problem, she decided to take the box for a test drive. She has been happily motoring down that highway ever since, and our insurance rates haven't even gone up!

Having grown up in a military family where moving every two years or so was a matter of course, a guitar quickly became Jesse's best (and perhaps only) constant friend. After graduating from university it also inspired him to start a rock band with a former wife. Being deeply in the throws of a prog-rock obsession at the time, he felt compelled to try and teach the rest of the band to play in odd time signatures such as 15/8. It did not end well. Fast-forward a few years to Joan's melodeon acquiring event, and we were thinking that it might be fun to try and put a band together and play some dance tunes. So far, Joan has shown little resistance to odd time signatures, but will on occasion complain that the amplifier is too loud.

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jef520@comcast.net - or - jkureczka@comcast.net

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