Our Music

The music we play may be described as "modern traditional dance music from Western Europe." The English will refer to this as "Ceilidh," the French and Belgians as "Balfolk," and in Germany it is "Tradtanzmusik." The tunes themselves will include waltzes, jigs, reels, schottisches, polkas, morris tunes, polskas, bourrees, and anything else that might get you up and moving. While our repertoire comes mostly from England and France, we also take side trips to many other places, including Scotland, Ireland, Britanny, Scandinavia, Quebec, and any place else we might fancy. Hope you enjoy travelling!

Below are some links to videos of a few of the tunes we are currently playing.

Sunshine/Virmoux. A couple French schottisches, first by Gregory Jolivet, second traditional.

Lyvet. A tune composed by hurdy-gurdy master Nigel Eaton. I think it was supposed to be a bourree.

Mominette/Plane Tree. It's a schottische! No, it's a jig! Stop, you're both right!

Robins' and Katies'. A couple Anglo-French waltzes first by Jon Swayne, second by Melanie Biggs.

De Montfort/Magaloufou/La Charge. A trio of modern bourrees in 2/4 time, by Jo Freya, Paul James, and Manu Paris.

An Italian Rant. A "Rant Step" dance tune also from Playford's "Dancing Master" but given a modern treatment.

Froggy's First Jump/Beetle on the Wine. Two reels for the melodeon by Dave Whetstone.

Parson's Farwell/Goddesses. Two English country dance tunes from Playford's "Dancing Master" circa 1650.

Bourree de Thiers/Bourree des Dindes. A couple of traditional bourrees in 2/4 time.

Pas D'Ete/La Roulante. A couple French Polkas.

Brighton Camp/Galopede. A couple of 18th Century English country dances brought back to life.

En Avant Blonde. A nice French waltz.

Queen's Progress/Halsway. A couple English schottisches, first traditional, second by Nigel Eaton.

Some tunes on SoundCloud. Thanks to Tyler Crowder for being our recording engineer!

And, like almost everyone else, we now have a YouTube channel. Currently featured there is an ongoing series of videos we call "The Living Room Sessions" in honor of what has become our most popular performance venue during pandemic shutdown. Please check it out, and if you like any of these tunes, please subscribe. Cheers!

What We're Playing

Joan plays an ever-growing assortment of diatonic melodeons, currently including:

An Oakwood-Dino Baffetti Super 2 two voice, two row in D/G.

A Bernard Loffet Pro three voice, 2 1/2 row in D/G.

A Saltarelle three voice, 2 1/2 row in C/G.

A Castagnari Sander two voice, two row in C/G.

A Hohner Pokerwork two voice, two row in C/F (with sparkles).

Jesse's arsenal includes:

A custom 12-string cittern made by Roger Bucknall of Fylde Guitars.

A Taylor T5z-12 acoustic/electric 12-string guitar.

A Gibson ES335-12 electric guitar.

Amplification by Roland - AC40 and JC40.

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